Southern Plains Bison Pointers Oct 2017

Southern Plains Bison Pointers Oct 2017 Bizy-bizy-bizy! November is fast and busy with the business of planning for winter, marketing, and herd health management strategies. If you missed the fall planting season in the southern plains, you will need to plan for hay and other nutritional supplementation for bison herds. If you (did) plant during … Read more

Management to Fit

Native Grazer Initiative    NGI – AUM Lease Calf Crop – Long-term Relations – Native Habitat Restoration    Articles & Descriptions – Q & A – Opportunities – Temporary – Turnkey Bison Herds   A. Each NGI candidate will be engaged with respect and sensitivity for the existing ranch paradigm and operations. B. The NGI … Read more

Southern Plains Bison Pointers Nov 2013

  November is a very interesting month for Southern bison habitats and operations. The definite and oppressive announcement of winter upon the landscape changes everything forever: once again. It is during this time of year that we humans, be-we: ranchers, park superintendents, consumers, lawmakers or bison stewardship-collectives and consortiums, also change things for bison forever: … Read more

The Bison Industry

The Bison Industry                   Moth – or flame? We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Like a moth to a flame’. While discussing the need for multiple news sources about bison, my wife suggested calling a news letter ‘The Flame’. I thought it was a great concept, but as it occurs quite often: my mind went to … Read more