Bison Laws

Bison Laws, laws created or changed for the protection of bison, so they are not slaughtered without purpose like in our history. Bison transported across state lines are subject to the federal and state regulations. The veterinarian from the shipping state is liable for all statements made on the health certificate concerning the infectious disease status of animals being transferred. New regulations for Johne’s disease control, including transit rules, are being developed both on the state and national level in the United States. These new regulations may affect the feasibility of and transit protocols for both test-positive or test-negative animals.

For rules and regulations governing control programs, liability from sale of infected animals or other issues concerning Johne’s disease contact your state/provincial/national animal health department.

The law has a provision saying as much: Native Americans can still hunt them, ranchers will still ranch them, zoos will still harbor them and, yes, people can still eat them.


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