Southern Plains Bison Pointers Aug 2018

‘There’s Somethin’ Happening Here’

Please forgive my artistic flair and the all to often song reference, but fall is the time when we are caught off guard, and absolutely the time of year that is the most important to pay the ‘attention due’ to your herd-health and garner higher production as a result.
Nutrition is a big part of that, but equally important is attention to parasitic build up in the herd. Things happen fast in build-up scenarios that occur in late summer and fall and can cause disease that decreases the ability of a bison herd to yield low input production and sustainability. Complacency is not the way to go, and in some cases (this year), it will kill.
So – everyone wants spring bloom and the awesome literal money shot of calves on the ground in spring. Now is the time to wonder to yourself, am I checking all the boxes and managing herd-health. After December (in the southern plains) you can relax and hope you’ve done all you can. And/But (!) not until.
Personally, I make sure I am checking boxes and proceeding with knowledge, so as not to improperly blame an animal, the National Mammal/American bison, for my mistakes.