Bison Legislation

Bison Legislation, Modern bison restoration, both on public and private lands, faces regulatory challenges that require the bison-community to be ever-present and known to the law makers of the land. It is almost solely for the purpose of educating lawmakers about bison realities to prevent unintended consequences as they serve their district, their state, and their country.  


HB 2761-Texas Bison Estray Law Texas Wildlife Radio Show   Bree Worthington and Miko   HB Bison Estray Law Austin, Texas                Video               Tracey Moorehead (Rep) Mrs Doc Anderson, (Rep) Doc Anderson, Gov Rick Perry, Sen. Craig Estes, […]

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Texas Bison Week

SCR 20 – Texas Legislature Online Mar 8, 2013 … buffalo’s induction in the Texas Trail of Fame and its prominence as the centerpiece of the seal of the General Land Office. In the Panhandle, a … 161 JWI-D By: Estes Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security 3/8/2013 As […]