Bison Bulls

Bison Bulls play a huge part in our bison genetics as much as the bison cows do. The right selection of a bull for your cows can give you a show calf.

Bison Bulls

Texas Bulls Bison Bulls in Texas   Breeding  Buffalo Bulls 2017 crop are all sold~taking orders for next crop 2017  Bulls for sale  (download PDF) Legacy Valley Bison ~ Lometa, Texas ~ Legacy Valley Paradigm ~ ~ Healthy/Managed Bison ~ Holistic Land-care ~ Reputation of Quality ~ Superior Genetics – Ethical […]

Calf no.4 Ear Tag 6

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Texas Bison

Bison Bulls Welcome to Texas Soon, we will be posting pictures of the Texas Bison genetics, bison we work with, help gather or just have an interest in. Below are a few things about Texas and bison that may surprise you The first documented sighting of bison by a European, in […]