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Metal Bison Art   Wool Products  Art by Star  

Bison, throughout history have been used for many things.

Decoration, Ceremonies, Clothing, Medicine, Fertilizer, Food, Leather Goods, Utensils, Tools, Furniture,

If you can think of it, chances are it’s been done.

The bison wool is amazing. In history a rancher gave some to a hat maker. He said it was the best wool he had ever seen or worked with. Today the wool is cleaned and spun into yarn and from that, used like any other yarn. Gloves , hats, socks..etc

Bonnie Mae, uses the wool to make head scarfs for cancer patients. They are really pretty and incredibly useful and stylish. Please check out her page here and if you have the chance, consider donating your buffalo wool to her.  I would pick ours up at times and always thought what a waste to have it just blow away in the wind. Now…I have a place to send it to, only wish I had more to send.

Star Roberts, from California, didn’t even realize how talented she was. I am not sure she knows today. But, I can’t hardly draw a stick figure, so she has a God given talent, as far as I am concerned.

She can do custom work as well. Note Cards, Invitations….probably anything you can think of.

I have posted some of her work here as well.

Have any questions, feel free to ask. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out for you.