Frequently asked questions – F.A.Q.

My buffalo aren’t looking right and one died.

Chances are this is the cause of worms. Buffalo should be wormed at least every other month. Guys have lost their whole working herd to worms.


Do buffalo carry brucellosis (bangs) ?

Buffalo are not affected by brucellosis any different than a cow. Because of staunch state regulations and stringent management techniques buffalo are cleaner and more disease free than cattle on a national average.


I heard the buffalo market is going like the ostrich & emu market ?

NO ! Only in that individual animal prices are down. There are many large-scale groups continuing development on existing and vary solid demands on bison meat at home and abroad.


 What kind of price can you give me for my calves?

What kind of price can you give me for the yearlings? The sustainable exchange has to be part of the future success of the marriage available between the equine and bison industries.
It cost “X” amount of dollars to keep a cow healthy packing the calf. We need to give the rancher enough for his calves to keep him breeding back.


What kind of fence should I have?

Depends on the land and your surroundings, (deer, elk or other) but typically a normal bison fence is fine. (see bison fencing)


How many animals can I have on so many acres?

Depends on your grasses and rainfall. Call us and we can help you determine what is best for the animals and land.

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