Yearling Buy Back

The demand for bison meat has exceeded supply and we have many good markets for well-developed return bison. The reality of yesterday and the unwillingness of the bison industry to value the return cutter-bison, is gone! During the market cycle of yesterday, our mission involved getting as much money back to the cow herd as possible, attempting to hold a market value that sustained origin cow herds and coordinating the possibility of dual industry benefit. We have evolved with the market and offer calves for sale, when available, for folks that have feeders to sell us, as well as facilitate the marketing of return cutter-bison feeders directly to known established and reputable markets. Your success is our goal.
One reality of today is the unfortunate loss of a potential symbiotic relationship between the equine industry and the bison industry. This is a direct result of the lack of predictable animal flow between the two. We in the bison industry do not forecast the supply correction happening any time soon, therefore control of animal inventory is of the utmost importance. There are relationships that persist to a profitable end for both bison producers and equine enthusiast or competitor. They are very beneficial for both and we stand ready to facilitate their success. We also stand ready to continue experimenting with the possibilities in a different, albeit much more expensive, animal value and market dynamic.

Cutting calves


We are trying and have been for some time to get a market going for the yearlings. We are able to place a few loads to grass lots to finish out. People have been enjoying the use of the calves and now we need to help the calves to help ourselves. So many sellers are not willing to do anything. Once you buy those calves your stuck with them. We tell people to feed the buffalo, (besides the obvious) they will do much better after you are done with them. We can get a decent price for healthy, heavy yearlings. Ones that are behind, there is little to no market for. Typically they should weigh anywhere from 750-900lbs when you are done with them. If you are used to guessing cattle, figure a steer then minus 100lbs. So far most of the ones we have been getting back are great, very healthy, calm and gorgeous. Thank you for taking care of what is so precious to us.



This is an example of a poor fed calf . He is from the same ranch and the same age as the yearlings next to him, believe it or not. We actually have gotten back animals (like her ) that weighed less a year later than when we sold them.

There is no excuse for this! Buy quality & raise quality.