Bison Art

Bison Art is personal artwork made by people who have some fascination with our bison. Using their talents to make a piece of art work relating to or made from bison by products.

Metal Bison Art

  One of my latest creations, being offer for sale.        It’s probably close to 80% re-purposed materials. The pit comes off the wagon. Each wheel is removable with a key pin. Front axle also can be removed. Handle hooks in tongue and is built also to be used […]

Fire started

Art & Products

Metal Bison Art   Wool Products  Art by Star   Bison, throughout history have been used for many things. Decoration, Ceremonies, Clothing, Medicine, Fertilizer, Food, Leather Goods, Utensils, Tools, Furniture, If you can think of it, chances are it’s been done. The bison wool is amazing. In history a rancher gave some […]

Art by Star

Star Roberts California Artist email : [email protected] Star Roberts fell in love with Ugly Betty when she seen a photo of her working. She generously gave us this drawing. The photo does not do it justice. Plus other art work done by Star. (click on photos) All images are under copyright […]

Ugly Betty


Wool Products

Molly Mule Hats & Home Spun Yarns  I had asked Bonnie Mae to write me something for this web page. After reading her story I couldn’t help but publish the whole thing. I hope you all find it as heart warming as I do.   Dear Rhonda…I think I have pulled this bio together […]