Cooking Bison Meat

cooking bison meat

Home Depot charcoal smoker2

Marinated Short Ribs







I don’t think there is any beef recipe that you can’t trade out with bison meat. If there is, I haven’t found it.

Although, because bison meat is much leaner than beef, I suggest you try cooking bison meat at a lower temperature.
I myself prefer to water smoke most my meat cuts. I started doing this about 17 years ago. My first smoke, was a turkey. It came out great and I have been a huge fan of the water smoker since.

Marinated Short Ribs
I have a couple different smokers. My first was just a simple charcoal water smoker, I purchased at  Home Depot. I still use this one today.

Propane Smoker

Then I stepped up to a gas water smoker, for those gatherings that require more of that juicy main dish meat.



Both of these smokers burn wood chips, I prefer mesquite. Lots of folks like Cherry as well. Try your own experiments.

Tips on smoking meat.

1. Make sure you do not run out of water in the bowl.

2. Keep the smoker out of the wind. (It will drop the temperature of the cooker)

3. Open the lid only when you really need to tend to the fire, the water pan, or the food. Ideally take care of them all at once—and quickly. Otherwise, relax and keep a lid on it.

4. When your meat has that outer shell cooked, the smoke will not penetrate as well. So no need to keep adding that wood, plus too much wood can also make your meat a little bitter.

5. Flavorings. I don’t like to add to much to an already good thing. So I usually don’t add any seasonings to bison. Except, my marinaded short ribs. Mmmm

In the house cooking bison meat;

If I am going to cook a frozen roast quickly and I am not up to using the smoker. I’ll throw a simple bison arm roast in a heavy cast iron or ceramic dish. Add a little salt, pepper and garlic. Quarter an onion and add a large can of whole tomatoes, a couple of red potatoes and maybe some carrots if I have the room. Cover the dish tightly with foil and bake in the oven at about 350. Check on it in an hour and before you know it , dinner is ready and all in one dish.

Now, cooking bison burger. Depends on what I am using it for. But you can pretty much bet, I’ll add salt and garlic. Cooking, always on a lower temperature than beef. If I am making patties for a burger, I try not to handle the meat too much. The more you handle burger, the tougher it can be. I hear a lot of people comment that bison burger is tougher or dryer than beef, so they add all this stuff to it. I do not find that to be true at all. But I do like to add different stuff to my burger for patties once in awhile, just for something different.

Out side on the grill

Not a whole lot to say here. Most people know how to grill. But I will tell you with bison steaks, I always add a little salt & garlic. The garlic just brings out more flavor as does the salt.