breeding bison

Calf no.4 Ear Tag 6

Bison Bulls

Texas Bulls Bison Bulls in Texas   Breeding  Buffalo Bulls 2017 crop are all sold~taking orders for next crop 2017  Bulls for sale  (download PDF) Legacy Valley Bison ~ Lometa, Texas ~ Legacy Valley Paradigm ~ ~ Healthy/Managed Bison ~ Holistic Land-care ~ Reputation of Quality ~ Superior Genetics – Ethical […]

Bison Calves and Yearlings

Bison Calves and Yearlings Breeding Bison/Buffalo Frasier Bison LLC offers [starter] herds for people regardless of size and scale. Some of our customers have small herds, while others have large herds by bison industry standards. We try to identify the top-end animals within our circle of contacts and consulting customers, […]

"Gun Smoke"

Calf checking for cubes.

Raising Bison

Raising Bison, Why Bison? Why not bison? Starting a herd? Raising bison is easy – if you know the tricks. The tricks are easy to learn if you understand that working ‘with’ them is all it takes. That is where Frasier Bison hopes to serve and make a difference for […]