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Turnkey bison herds for grass management:Turnkey Bison Herds

A. This program is designed to produce bison on lease land in native and/or wildlife habitat restoration models currently engaged, but lacking any grazers, or a native wildlife grazer.

B. Much of Texas has [gone wild] with their land-use strategies and capitalizes their operation with hunting. Healthy habitats need a grazer to manage invasive grasses underutilized by deer and other browsers. Cattle can be used effectively, but only emulate to a degree the indigenous Texas grazer – bison.

C. Bison are intrinsic to the Texas landscape and represent a native solution to grass land and prairies system management. Whether your land is brush sculpted or open, bison are a native solution and widely regarded as a keystone species and agents of eco-integrity in North America.

D. The NGI program is designed to make the introduction or long term relationship with bison and Texas wildscape owners/stewards, available and sustainable.