Bison Meat

Bison Meat,  healthy, tasty – lean, clean and native. You can’t get more natural than native.

USDA Monthly Bison Market Reports

NW_LS526 Oklahoma City, OK Fri,Mar 15,2019 USDA Market News MONTHLY BISON REPORT (CARCASS AND CUTS) For the Month of February Bison carcass weights and grain fed wholesale weights remained mostly steady, while prices trended steady to slightly lower. Canadian bison imports were 26% lower and Actual Slaughter numbers were 23% […]

Bison Meat Nutritional Value

I would use this graph only as a rough estimate. It’s quite dated. That being said I will tell you that you can hardly go wrong with nature. Bison are not bred & raised like cattle. We do not use questionable drugs, chemicals or growth hormones.  NBA (National Bison Assoc.) […]

Nutritional Chart