Bison Meat

Bison Meat,  healthy, tasty – lean, clean and native. You can’t get more natural than native.

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Cooking Bison Meat

Marinated Short Ribs cooking bison meat             I don’t think there is any beef recipe that you can’t trade out with bison meat. If there is, I haven’t found it. Although, because bison meat is much leaner than beef, I suggest you try cooking bison meat at a lower […]

Bison Meat

                     They are ecologically important to restore and the consumers of meat have a chance to be part of bison conservation and ecological restoration when they shop. We know this may seem oxymoronic, but each time you purchase bison you help […]

Bison Cuts Chart

Nutritional Chart

Bison Meat Nutritional Value

I would use this graph only as a rough estimate. It’s quite dated. That being said I will tell you that you can’t hardly go wrong with nature. Bison are not bred & raised like cattle. We  do not use questionable drugs, chemicals or  growth hormones.  NBA (National Bison Assoc.) […]

Buying Meat

Bison Nutritional Value Buying Meat: Frasier Bison LLC has customers with herds in every region of Texas. Many of these customers sell meat and we facilitate commerce opportunities for them on a regular basis. We believe that it is the sale and consumption of bison meat that will restore the […]

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For some interesting reading, you may like to check out All About Bison™ Frasier Bison LLC~ American Bison      Frasier Bison LLC,  is a consulting bison specialist management service and facilitation company.  We are all about bison. Our tag line is  “Helping Buffalo with People- 1995″ , and it’s true. Specializing […]