Bison Meat

Bison Meat,  healthy, tasty – lean, clean and native. You can’t get more natural than native.

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Cooking Bison Meat

Marinated Short Ribs cooking bison meat             I don’t think there is any beef recipe that you can’t trade out with bison meat. If there is, I haven’t found it. Although, because bison meat is much leaner than beef, I suggest you try cooking bison meat at a lower […]

Bison Meat

                     They are ecologically important to restore and the consumers of meat have a chance to be part of bison conservation and ecological restoration when they shop. We know this may seem oxymoronic, but each time you purchase bison you help […]

Bison Cuts Chart

Nutritional Chart

Bison Meat Nutritional Value

How Healthy Is Bison Meat? High Protein and Low Fat (bison meat nutritional value) A 3-ounce serving of roasted bison meat contains 122 calories, 24.2 grams of protein and 2.1 grams of fat, including just 0.8 gram of saturated fat. This is 48 percent of the daily value for protein, 3 […]

Buying Meat

Bison Nutritional Value Buying Meat: Frasier Bison LLC has customers with herds in every region of Texas. Many of these customers sell meat and we facilitate commerce opportunities for them on a regular basis. We believe that it is the sale and consumption of bison meat that will restore the […]

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For some interesting reading, you may like to check out All About Bison™ Frasier Bison LLC~ American Bison      Frasier Bison LLC,  is a consulting bison specialist management service and facilitation company.  We are all about bison. Our tag line is  “Helping Buffalo with People- 1995″ , and it’s true. Specializing […]