Bison Habitats

Bison Habitats are now farms and ranches, public lands, parks, conservancy properties and other NGO models. They exist wherever bison live. In North America the bison hold the place of a native grazer and impact he natural system instinctually and fundamentally. Diverse eco-regions and ecosystem-types including prairie, pastures, savannas, forest systems, high deserts, coastal prairies and agriculturally maintained and caused exotic grass-systems make up the wide variety of habitats in which bison are becoming more expected.

Raising Bison

Raising Bison, Why Bison? Why not bison? Starting a herd? Raising bison is easy – if you know the tricks. The tricks are easy to learn if you understand that working ‘with’ them is all it takes. That is where Frasier Bison hopes to serve and make a difference for […]

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Bison Fencing 4' field fence with barbed wire strands on top

Bison Fencing

Handling Facilities ~ Bison Chute ~ Gathering ~  Handling Help ~ Buffalo Don’t Roam–Bison Parisitology Where the Buffalo DON’T Roam Bad raps, misinformation, negative press and cattlemen rumors… bison have a reputation for being uncontainable. Can we bust this myth, once and for all? / Bison Fencing. Among many undeserved infamies of bison is the myth that […]

Bison Consultation

Handling Facilities ~ Bison Chute ~ Gathering ~  Handling Help ~ Buffalo Don’t Roam–Bison Parisitology  ~Bringing Back The Thunder~ We can help with your Bison Management – Bison Consultation Experience with Raising Bison        Do you need help with your bison? It’s easy , if you know your bison basics. I can show you how your […]

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Turnkey Bison Herds

Turnkey Bison Herds

Native Grazer Initiative  Turnkey bison herds Turnkey bison herds for grass management: A. This program is designed to produce bison on lease land in native and/or wildlife habitat restoration models currently engaged, but lacking any grazers, or a native wildlife grazer. B. Much of Texas has [gone wild] with their […]


Native Grazer Initiative  Temporary All temporary infrastructure supplied: A. Bison herds: Stocking rates at 50% or less and 50 cows or more. B. All pens, corrals and equipment to address herd-health. C. All implementable equipment required for herd care. D. All supplemental feed & feeders required.



Native Grazer Initiative  Opportunities to purchase established herds: A. It is expected that NGI participants will fall in love with the look, ecological-function and the mission of restoring the intrinsic-native of Texas and North American keystone species of bison. Some landowners will want full ownership of their herd once they […]

Q & A

Native Grazer Initiative  Q & A Native Grazer Initiative – Frequently Asked Questions: 1) Q: Can we run the bison herd with a cattle herd? A: The NGI operations-protocol meets and/or beats all industry [Code of Ethics] best-practice requirements. The National Bison Association and Texas Bison Association strictly prohibits the […]

Q & A

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Articles & Descriptions

Articles & Descriptions Native Grazer Initiative  September 12, 2015 Editor’s note: This is one of a series of essays on contemporary environmental controversies. These issues may well define how or whether we can continue to live and improve our well being on this cosmic speck called Earth. Hides for clothing and shelter, flesh for […]

Native Habitat Restoration

Native Grazer Initiative  Use natives for native habitat restoration: a. The NGI premise is to restore instead of emulate b. Keep track of our habitat restoration archives for credible research on the ecological interaction benefits in bison regimes c. NGI partners and participants are encouraged to initiate or participate in […]

Management to fit

Management to Fit

Native Grazer Initiative  Management to fit your operation A. Each NGI candidate will be engaged with respect and sensitivity for the existing ranch paradigm and operations. B. The NGI objective is for the bison to [fit in] as long-term native fixtures on the land. C. Frasier Bison LLC has experience […]


For some interesting reading, you may like to check out All About Bison™ Frasier Bison LLC~ American Bison      Frasier Bison LLC,  is a consulting bison specialist management service and facilitation company.  We are all about bison. Our tag line is  “Helping Buffalo with People- 1995″ , and it’s true. Specializing […]

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