Bison Calves and Yearlings

Breeding Bison/Buffalo

Frasier Bison LLC offers [starter] herds for people regardless of size and scale. Some of our customers have small herds, while others have large herds by bison industry standards. We try to identify the top-end animals within our circle of contacts and consulting customers, and strive to keep them reproducing somewhere. Our process of determining the [top-end] start up animals includes:

  • Quality health and phenotype
  • Reputable source [managed herd]
  • Knowledge of genetic background
  • Knowledge of animal history

We keep it simple and all about solid animals for a successful start and fit for the program they go too. We currently have multiple herds with very good animal health programs and desirable genetics for quality starter animals. Today; there are many reputable bison ranchers with the ability to have solid animal health programs. We invite you to ask us what ours is –and why…

Bison CalvesBison CalvesBison calf

Frasier Bison also offers market facilitation when that time comes. It is not at all unusual for us to provide the starters, and then buy, or facilitate the sale of, the offspring to the advantage of the owner and the cow-herd.


"Truck" (yearling)Bison YearlingsBison Calves and Yearlings


If it’s an upgrade or additional bull for herd-sire use you seek, we are always developing new sire candidates and/or know where to get the good ones. Above market price for bulls, is a wise move whereas that individual will impact 12-20 offspring. We have seen upgrades on bulls, in very good single-sire herds enhance the weight at weaning by 100 lbs per calf across the board.

If you need bred females, we have a knowledgeable program for 1] ascertaining pregnancy and 2] a vaccination program for facilitating the success of the pregnancy to fruition. During certain times of the year it becomes unwise to transport and/or relocate bred females.

Commercial-Class vs. Breeding Stock: the main difference in the two is what they become used for. We always retain and breed the best to better, and if there is a demand for the offspring as breeding stock, we offer the ability to join the American Buffalo restoration cause as new stewards to; ranchers, farmers, enthusiasts and parks. We think that anyone can care for and raise bison. We also believe that bison are not for everyone and reserve our right to invoke our Frasier Bison LLC company code of ethics.

Bison Bulls

"Gun Smoke""Curly Bill""Willie"

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