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They are ecologically important to restore and the consumers of meat have a chance to be part of bison conservation and ecological restoration when they shop. We know this may seem oxymoronic, but each time you purchase bison you help the sustained existence of a bison herd somewhere. This is the essence of commerce-based conservation as opposed to preservation that relies on donations. We suggest that a tradition of buying bison from your local or internet retailer or restaurant, on whatever schedule you can, represents doing your part in restoring American bison to North America.  It also tastes great and is a very healthful red meat choice. So.. Healthy begets healthy. Healthy planet – healthy you – and all you have to do is participate in the economy of it all. This is a win-win, and it’s true.

Holidays for Buying & Serving Bison

* Texas Bison Week – 1st week of May

* National Bison Month – July

* Fathers Day – send Dad a treat, but don’t tell Mom it’s ‘Grills Goin’ Wild’

* Earth Day, April 22nd – no better way to celebrate in America than supporting its keystone species.

* Every other Wednesday – Because it tastes great! And Wednesday is Hump-Day! ?

Buffalo Meat is Nutritious

Bison, also known as buffalo, is a highly nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein and minerals in compared to its caloric value. Put simply, you are getting more protein and nutrients with fewer calories and less fat. That is why Bison meat is referred to as a dense meat. This is also why Bison meat tends to satisfy you more while eating less.

One pound of ground bison, in fact, contains 34 grams of protein, while its fat, cholesterol and calorie levels are lower than other popular meats. Bison is much leaner that beef, having a total fat content of about 2 percent, compared to 15 – 20 percent for beef.

Bison Meat; part of my job in maintaining this web site is to read, read and read some more. I run across ads all the time for meat sales. Bold print, I’ll see “NO-HORMONES, NO-ADDITIVES” , so I have to address this. It is written in Frasier Bison “Ethics & Standards” and the NBA (National Bison Assoc). “Code of Ethic”s, that we
Do Not Allow:

Use of growth hormones in bison.

Use antibiotics in bison on a sub-therapeutic (non-therapeutic) basis.

Never engage in deliberate cross-breeding of bison with another species.

Use animal cloning technology in any manner for the production of bison or bison meat products.

Practice in-vitro fertilization or other artificial reproduction practices for any purpose other than scientific research.

Full Version NBA

We do allow grain and we have had both, grain fed and grass fed. We prefer grain fed.

Bison Cuts Chart