If you are interested in calves, please let us know in advance.

Calves/Horsemen 1
If you are buying from another source please ask about their age, weight and health care. You don’t want to get someone else’s mistakes from last year. There are people out there buying a few head from sale barns and piecing together loads. Be careful about what you are buying. Do the heifers have bangs tags? Can the seller produce a health record for the calves? How long has the seller been in the business?

When these animals started becoming “the new thing” a lot of people jumped on board to make a fast buck. They had very little knowledge of where the calves came from or how you take care of them and they were not interested in buying them back as yearlings. If you are thinking of buying some and are not sure of the seller, just give us a call and we will help answer any questions you might have. You do not have to buy our calves to get our help. Heifer Calves 2If the Rancher or Seller, has not gone to the trouble to ear tag, it begs the question, did they bother to give any vaccinations?

Buyer beware.

Buffalo work very well after being broke/trained, however, if this process is not done right they usually cannot be fixed. If you have calves from a sale barn, were they handled by horseback? If so, were they fowled irreparably by traumatic experiences? If a calf has ever been injured or sick, they don’t work the same. If they have been severely traumatized by a horse and rider, they don’t forget. We have found no difference between bulls, heifers or steers on their work habits. Buffalo grow slower than cattle and it would be easy to mistake a weak yearling for a new calf. We have seen yearlings that actually weighed less than the calves we were picking up. Please feed a good quality horse grass hay, energy supplement & worm your buffalo.

Common sense dictates that the better you feed them, the more energy they have to work the horses and grow.

Training bison calves video is on the ‘media‘ page.