About Us

We met in the Northwest, Tim was feeding cattle and I was into gaming horses. In helping each other, we became friends. I was extremely in love with Buffalo. We had a neighbor who had one with his horses. I wasn’t into that but wanted to just look at a herd. I had read up on them and visited with ranchers in Oregon. This is what I wanted. So Tim bought me a calf for my birthday. I wasn’t nearly ready for my own herd, but this guy needed a home. I called him Boo Boo, after Yogi’s sidekick. That is where it all started for us in the bison business. One thing led to another and we found ourselves in Arizona. Tim was training cutting horses and we needed cattle. Hard thing to find in Scottsdale. In our travels to shows in Texas, another trainer had brought some broke calves to a cutting in Central Texas. We all got to work our horses on the half dozen head. From owning Boo Boo we knew how smart they were and how well they moved, but never thought about them in the cuttin’ pen until that day. Of course, Tim had to know and find out all there was to this idea. He researched and called and studied. All I heard was buffalo this, buffalo that. To be honest not much has changed from those 30 years ago. Except for today, we have a whole new respect and outlook on where these magnificent animals belong in our lives. We now offer our services to other bison producers and enthusiast, whatever the need is.


About Us Rhonda and BooBoo