Our Mission

Frasier Bison is dedicated to making the 21st century work for the bison species. We do our very best to educate and facilitate an effort to establish a more perfect and working industry, while simultaneously advocating a high quality of life for the buffalo.

Whether you are a buffalo buyer, seller or a meat outlet, and regardless of the size and scope of your needs, your success is our goal.

We are the number one source for all your informational needs. We have been amazed by the buffalo for many years and have owned them since 1991. They are magnificent animals, highly intelligent. We are just fortunate enough to be able to incorporate them into our lives. Tim has spent endless hours, days and years studying the bison, learning new things all the time. We truly love these animals and the heritage they bring into our lives.

TATER, lays down on a plea. Tim is reviewing the AW standards for bison.
Makes no sense for Tater.

Tater laying down 1Tater laying down 2Mission

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