Deworming, unfortunately N. America, and her prairies and grass-systems, is the old grey mare that ain’t what she used to be! Bison now must negotiate and thrive in an eco-system either surrounded by exotic things, or including them. With these exotic domestic species, comes internal parasites that that have adapted to hosts that have been selectively bred and cared for continuously. The bison are still wildlife wherever they roam, and they are pristine remnants of long ago when there were more hoof prints than foot prints. Deworming is now required to help the bison with health and resilience and can be accomplished with various anthelmintic drugs. Pasture rotation has been and still remains the best wormer. This also represents our ability to graze bison as they would have 300 years ago, on virtually worm-larvae free grasses, or fresh ground.

Bison Parisitology TXBP

Handling Facilities ~ Bison Chute ~ Gathering ~  Handling Help ~ Buffalo Don’t Roam–Bison Parisitology Bison Parisitology TXBP – TAMU   TXBP Study & Data Collection Program Prepared by: Frasier Bison LLC Bison production in Texas & the Southern Plains involves many factors as we charge ourselves with ‘Preserving the Legend’ and caretaking the National Mammal. […]

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Handling Facilities ~ Bison Chute ~ Gathering ~  Handling Help ~ Buffalo Don’t Roam–Bison Parisitology  ~Bringing Back The Thunder~ We can help with your Bison Management – Bison Consultation Experience with Raising Bison        Do you need help with your bison? It’s easy , if you know your bison basics. I can show you how your […]

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Care and Health

Care and Health

ONE YEAR CYCLE FOR BUFFALO AS TRAINING AIDS- Video (DECEMBER) care and health 1) PROCUREMENT; December thru March is the best time of year to buy healthy weaned buffalo calves from reputable producers. They have been on their mother long enough to have a good start. a) Getting them this […]


If you are interested in calves, please let us know in advance. Calves-Horsemen If you are buying from another source please ask about their age, weight and health care. You don’t want to get someone else’s mistakes from last year. There are people out there buying a few head from […]

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For some interesting reading, you may like to check out All About Bison™ Frasier Bison LLC~ American Bison      Frasier Bison LLC,  is a consulting bison specialist management service and facilitation company.  We are all about bison. Our tag line is  “Helping Buffalo with People- 1995″ , and it’s true. Specializing […]