Native Grazer Initiative    NGI – AUM Lease Calf Crop – Long-term Relations – Management to Fit – Native Habitat Restoration    Articles & Descriptions – Q & A – Opportunities – Turnkey Bison Herds   All temporary infrastructure supplied: A. Bison herds: Stocking rates at 50% or less and 50 cows or more. B. All … Read more


Frequently asked questions – F.A.Q. My buffalo aren’t looking right and one died. Chances are this is the cause of worms. Buffalo should be wormed at least every other month. Guys have lost their whole working herd to worms.   Do buffalo carry brucellosis (bangs) ? Buffalo are not affected by brucellosis any different than … Read more


Frasier Bison LLC~ American Bison      Frasier Bison LLC  is a consulting bison specialist management service and facilitation company located in Texas.  We are all about bison. Our tagline is  “Helping Buffalo with People- 1995”, and it’s true. Specializing in showing people how easy they are to raise, handle and market,  along with help in buying … Read more