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The Bison Chute XLT was innovated for offering all of the required options for a quality, effective and humane bison chute standard, as opposed to added on as additional options to a base price. Their ‘standard chute’ exceeds the attention paid to bison behavior and bison working functionality compared to other chutes – and at the base [or standard] price.
 The XLT is conceived, designed and produced with the future of bison production and species restoration in mind. More and more folks are thinking bison, and more and more folks are planning business models that include cost effective decisions. The XLT manual and hydraulic bison chutes fit in as wise choices that also cut no corners on efficiency and functionality.
 Frasier Bison LLC expects the XLT line of bison chutes to be integral and productive partners in developing the first ‘Modern Million’ head of American bison.

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication


Our technologies meet the requirements of systems for livestock and wildlife, both integrated and separate. Our Technologies have real world experience with what is simple enough – functional enough and feasible enough to make a difference.

We take on the work of innovating – testing and making products that solve problems.

— At a fair price–

Have a livestock or wildlife problem?  A Need?  Or a Challenge?

–Let us solve it.–

Hydraulic XLT

Twice the chute, half the money.  (FOB Kansas)

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Bison Chute Hydraulic XLT 1Hydraulic XLT 2








Bison Chute  XLT

Manual Chute (FOB Kansas)

It’s a game changer!!

XLT Manual ChuteXLT Manual Chute 2

XLT Manual Chute 3

~ Where Price & Value Meet ~

  • Over the Top Strength -Bottom Line Function
  • Humane Handling Technologies Come Standard
  • Quick-Quiet-Reliable Built to Buffalo – Regardless of Size (300 to 3,000+)
  • Fully Loaded (IS) Standard – All Features Shown + Digital Scales
  • Full Warranty – It’s Our Reputation

Download their pdf,  flyer & order form. Bison Chute pdf