Texas Bison Expo 2009

Fifth Annual Texas Bison Expo November 7

Written on: 10/31/2009 by: The Outdoor Wire

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Fort Worth –

Buffalo are a true American icon that hold a special place in the hearts of all Texans, and the Fifth Annual Texas Bison Exposition hosted by the Texas Bison Association (TBA) will deliver informative seminars to help Texas ranchers and landowners learn to raise and care for these majestic animals. Admission is free.

The Texas Bison Expo will be held on November 7, 2009 at the Stockyards Station in Fort Worth, Texas. The annual event features a trade show, live animal sale, the World Championship Buffalo Burger Challenge, and much more.

Preserving the legend of the North American Bison, the TBA welcomes some of the industry’s most renowned authorities on bison. The 2009 Texas Bison Expo seminars include:

• John Hurd, general manager of Bluestem LLC (Bison-Bluestem-Burns & Bucks), provides an intensive review of bison grazing behavior in the tall grass prairie and bluestem grass, and the benefits of burning to grazing behavior and bison production bottom lines. Part B of Hurd’s segment is “Protocol for Profit,” a look at large-scale humane bison handling.

• Dr. Gerald Parsons will give a ‘Bison 101’ discussion that will help bison enthusiasts get started in buffalo ranching. He will also speak to the importance of the North American Bison Registry to the bison species and the industry overall.

• Rob Denkhaus of the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge will share an inside look at the management and programs built around the star attraction of the Refuge, the bison herd owned by the Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge.

“Buffalo ranching is an extremely dynamic industry which is growing in popularity,” says Tim Frasier, president of the Texas Bison Association. “For anyone wanting to learn more about buffalo and how to raise them for as a hobby or business, the Bison Expo offers great opportunities to meet and talk with some of the state’s most experienced and knowledgeable breeders and ranchers.”

The Texas Bison Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994 by bison owners and individuals concerned with the preservation and promotion of the North American Bison. Today, the TBA provides assistance in raising and producing bison and promotes the nutritional health aspects of the North American Bison to consumers.

For membership or sponsorship information, visit www.TexasBison.org.

Headquartered in San Antonio, the Texas Bison Association is a non-profit organization of producers, ranchers and bison enthusiasts. For more information on Texas bison, bison ranching or membership in the Texas Bison Association, call Tim Frasier at 940.594.1169 or Ronny Wenzel at 254.386.5069; or visit www.TexasBison.org.