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TBA Bison Conference Kicks Off Bison Week

Apr 25  2011

via Texas Bison Association

AUSTIN, Texas — Preserving the legend of American buffalo, the Texas Bison Association (TBA) announces its Annual Texas Bison Conference & Fund-Raising Auction will be held on May 6, 2011, through Mary 7, 2011, at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown in Austin, Texas.

Hosted during the official ‘Texas Bison Week’, the event will attract bison producers and enthusiasts from around the country, and focus fund-raising efforts and media attention on the preservation and promotion of an American icon – the North American Bison.

Bison Week

The annual TBA convention features exhibitors from throughout the bison and agriculture industries, informative seminars on raising bison, and an industry panel discussion among some of the industry’s top bison experts. The event also includes the fun Buffalo Banquet that provides attendees with bison steak dinner and live entertainment as well as live and silent fund-raising auctions that include buffalo art, jewelry, ranch equipment, custom knives, furniture and much more.

“The Texas Bison Conference is the largest TBA event of the year, and this will be one of the most important conferences ever as we address many critical issues involving this magnificent animal and a booming industry,” says Tim Frasier, president for the Texas Bison Association. “Buffalo ranching and bison products are becoming increasingly popular, and this event brings together bison enthusiasts to commemorate the rich, unique history and tradition of our American buffalo. We’re also extremely proud to have the event during the Texas Legislature’s official recognition of Texas Bison Week — truly acknowledging the resurgence of bison and the growing demand for bison as a heart-healthy red meat alternative.”

Bison meat is very lean — containing less calories and cholesterol than either beef or chicken — and is a great alternative for people who want to improve their diet without giving up red meat. In addition, bison contributes about 69 percent more iron to a diet than beef and contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals, and is more non-allergenic and digestible than most other meats.

The Texas Bison Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994 by bison owners and individuals concerned with the preservation and promotion of the North American Plains Bison. Today, the TBA provides assistance in raising and producing bison and promotes the nutritional health aspects of the North American Bison to consumers. The TBA hosts two major events during the year — the Texas Bison Exposition, which features exhibitors from the bison industry, informative seminars on raising bison, the World Championship Buffalo Burger Challenge, and more; and its Spring Banquet & Fund-Raising Auction, an event which brings together bison industry professionals and enthusiasts during “Texas Bison Week.’