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Bison Pen Designs


Handling Facility #1           (click on photo)

handling facilities


Frasier Bison LLC operates to help bison herds of all sizes. Size does not matter to us. Handling facilities and land use strategies dedicated to bison are our mission. We make time for all models that have the potential to grow the herd and benefit the species. The image above is a least cost handling facility designed by us. The facility has worked well for the herd and is an investment in herd health and welfare, that will pay for itself over time.

There are components of a bison facility that you simply can’t skimp on. That’s where we come in. We show producers, they can reduce construction cost to the benefit of their program without sacrificing humane, low-stress and efficient care for the animals.


Handling Facility #2

Tim is a student of bison behavior.

This means his professors have humps, horns, and heritage.

While he takes advantage of training opportunities, he’s the first to state that bison have taught him how to handle bison humanely and efficiently.

Our many handling facilities throughout Texas and the U.S.  are flawless and effective.

We incorporate the existing behavior of bison, rather than attempting to work against it. With the use of reflective features, contrast, facility-flow proficiency, and the knowledge of each ranch, each herd, and each model is unique. Our track record of efficiency and performance is a matter of fact!

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The images above show a facility design at fruition, functional and humane.



Handling Facility #3

Deer & Bison Hunting and Grass Fed Ranch

Facility Overview





Bull in Chute

Working PensCalves in TubCalf Worked

Working Pens 2







At the owners’ request, we are proud to state:

That on the maiden voyage of this facility deign for 100 + head. With no crew members having previous experience with bison, the herd was worked, wormed and returned to habitat without incident.