Southern Plains Bison Pointers April 2018

They’re here!  It’s raining red-dots (again) and anyone blessed by the scene that does not find themselves smitten with the colors of the southern plains in spring, should consider having something checked. It is a brilliant combination of reds, purples, blues, browns and sable that only unfolds for folks raising native-grazers, as opposed to our neighbors in the exotic business raising Bos taurus & indicus’.

Here’s the deal; all that beauty and ‘miraculous-ness’, brings with it realities that need the attention of conscientious stewards and ethical action, or the lack of action – ‘ethically’. Any and all of you that follow my blog are familiar with me talking, and advising, in ways that cause query for clarity, so let me explain the ethical action and lack thereof – ‘ethically’ – part. Keep in mind that we, as bison stewards, are in charge of 95 (ish) percent of the species. When reproductive problems occur that are our fault, that’s one thing. When they happen under normal conditions, that’s another thing altogether. The choice becomes a complex situation involving, and including, economics and compassion. Make it simple and use the guideline of doing all you can, not allowing suffering, and not causing it. The kicker is; how do you make the call with regard to calving problems and orphans. Well; personally I have had the benefit of many ‘wiser-than-me’ folks that have shared the secret. Use your gut!  – It’s always right, and evidence that we still have some instinct left – for knowing the right thing.

Bouncing back to the first paragraph, and to appease, and finally explain the use of red ‘Dots’ being available for reproach, let me just say to my tribal and old-salt friends, I ain’t call-in them dogs. They are the first wave of the next chance for ‘Bison One Million’ and that (! )- is a miracle!