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Frasier Bison LLC advocates positive relationship with bison herds for management success. It is really easy as 1-2-3 and we can prove it!

Pulling in the herd , from pasture


Positive relationships means: occasional interaction with ranch operations for counting, inspecting, bison herd health, gathering, quick response to natural disaster situations, reduce stress levels for profit when working the herd and the ability to “field treat” the herd for herd health antagonists- if necessary. Once conditioned to “being pulled” our experiences prove that the bison remain conditioned to the behavior, without a regimen of training. The images are of a bison herd that had not been pulled for one year. Reminded on a Tuesday and gathered on Wednesday. Gathering was a one-man operation and uneventful. Bison are very cooperative if asked instead of told.








Click on pictures for viewing. Bison being pulled into a corral.


Into control penHeading out of control pen.Back out through the gate.