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We can help with your Bison Management – Bison Consultation

Experience with Raising Bison

Bison Consultation Jesse coming into the bison chute


     Do you need help with your bison? It’s easy , if you know your bison basics. I can show you how your bison flow with the land and their surroundings…set up a pen design that works for you and them. They are as easy as you make’m. We like to focus on developing the ranch as a habitat that allows them their behaviors, to the benefit of low input production for profit.

 Consulting Bison Specialist;

is how we describe the service we provide for folks that value ongoing advice and mentor-ship with their bison Jesse waiting to come into chute.operation. We also have ‘satellite-consultants’ available that have proficiencies in areas we feel are integral such as veterinary medicine, nutrition, wildlife management, regenerative Landcare, habitat development, handling facility construction and political action.  Consulting a bison operation requires a specialist mid-set and the prerequisite humility that can only be taught by the bison themselves. There is always something to learn, something to improve on, equations to apply, and most of all – wild things, situations and circumstances to simply leave alone.

Frasier Bison LLC – Bison Consulting Paradigm:

  • Healthy Productive Bison
  • Holistic Habitat Stewardship
  • Regenerative Landcare
  • Humane Low Stress Handling ‘Systems’ & Facilities
  • Preemptive and Proactive Herd Health Management
  • Technologies & Protocols for Management Success
  • Respect for Ownership and Owner/ Company Moral Principles
  • Successes Measured holistically
  • Bison Herds with knowledgeable and proficient teams  of people – Team Building
  • Priority Axiom: Land First / Bison Second / You Last = You First; every time!

Consulting bison operations becomes the act, and sometimes the art, of gaining a feel for someone else’s mission and vision, then actively striving for success with in those principles. Frasier Bison LLC is willing to engage and consult all bison operations, in many different model types, so long as the implementation of consulting results in forward progressions and improvement to a sustainable end.


Episode-1370- Raising Bison with Tim Frasier


Bringing Back The Thunder by Tim Frasier