Tim Frasier

Tim with Texas Radio ShowAAS Livestock Technology
Frasier Bison LLC & Texas Buffalo Exchange
Consulting Bison Specialist
(940) 594-1169

• AAS Livestock Technology – Sheridan College, Sheridan Wy.
• Ag Graduate 86 and runner-up to Presidents Award
• Graduate Fort Hedrick’s School for Stockmen
• Assistant Livestock Judging Coach 86
• Texas Buffalo Exchange/Frasier Bison L.L.C.
• Widely known as a market service company for bison in Texas
• Often called on by insurance adjustors for animal/loss appraisal.
• Marketing all classes of bison
• A consulting-specialist service in the bison industry providing:
• Facility design, Facility-adaptations,
• Humane handling education, training & facilitation.
• Herd health & management
• Program & Ranch Development
• Marketing Services
• Bison Industry Educational Presentations
• Currently consulting:
• Buffalo Company
• Bull Dancer Bison (614) 519-3205
• Multiple operations in all regions of TexasResume Tim at Chutes
• Recently called as a resource witness by the Texas Agriculture &
Homeland Security Committee in the Senate for SB 174.
• Texas Bison Association (
• Have been President or Vice President since 2005 thru 2013
• During my time and involvement the membership has tripled and the
TBA has become a recognized and integral component of
Texas Agriculture diversity.
• National Bison Association
• Member & resource for national & international industry working groups
• Working groups & committees:
• State & Regional Committee
• Texas Bison Association liaison to NBA
• Commercial Marketers Committee
• Task forces on various official publication developments in response to,
or promotion of, consumer education.
• Have been published on the subject of bison in numerous publications and newspapers.
• Bison World
• Texas Bison Journal
• Western Horseman
• Performance Horse
• Quarter Horse Journal
• Western Bison Association – Bison Review