Ethics & Code Standards

Tim Frasier and Frasier Bison LLC

Ethics & Code Standards ( Along with the NBA code)

1)  We commit to, within the transaction of all business, the needs, welfare and humane consideration of all animals affected by the transaction of business.

2)  We advocate only, the transfer of bison to individuals, companies, and corporations that possess credible knowledge of handling and husbandry.

3)  We oppose the transfer of solitary bison, causing the solitary existence of bison and/or mixing solitary bison with other species. Derogations include: accidental or naturally occurring orphans, reared and socialized with human surrogates as an act of rescue.

4)  We oppose and will not facilitate the intentional cross-breeding of bison with other species, by any means!

5)  We oppose and will not be party to the misrepresentation of bison during the course of transacting business or appraisal services.

6)  We oppose any and all standards and/or humane certifications not accredited by bison trade, industry, and science.

7)  We advocate and recommend membership to the NBA (National Bison Association) or your regional bison association local to those we affect, for the purpose of maintaining current on all information germane to bison husbandry, health, and regulatory requirements.

8)  We oppose any use of bison that can be proven intentionally cruel and/or unhealthy.

9)  We commit to the responsibility of education, nonjudgmental, to views and perspectives in conflict with our premise and protocol.

10)  We embrace all things bison but reject any and all things, endeavors, programs and/or protocol that do not put the consideration and regard for individual bison and the bison species, first.